Stuttgart / Mainz (dpa) - The relatively poor performance of the AfD in the first two state elections of the year, chairman Jörg Meuthen attributes primarily to the conflict between his party and the protection of the constitution.

Even if the court had stopped the protection of the constitution for the time being, "the voters are now associating the monitoring of the constitutional protection with the AfD because of the wide coverage," the party leader told the German press agency on Sunday.

According to forecasts, the AfD performed worse in Rhineland-Palatinate with around 10.5 percent and around 12 percent in Baden-Württemberg than five years ago.

At that time, she had won 12.6 percent of the vote in Rhineland-Palatinate and 15.1 percent in Baden-Württemberg.

According to a decision by the Cologne Administrative Court, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) is initially not allowed to classify and observe the AfD as a suspected right-wing extremist case.

The court also forbids the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to publicly or not publicly announce the classification, observation, treatment or examination of the party as a "suspected case" before the conclusion of an urgent procedure initiated by the AfD against it.

The AfD had already turned to the court as a precaution to prevent a possible classification as a suspected case, which would then also enable the use of intelligence services.

The party submitted the application in January.

Meuthen does not believe that statements by corona skeptics from the AfD could have negatively influenced the results, "because the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is not acting successfully".

The previously relatively unknown top AfD candidates Michael Frisch (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Bernd Gögel (Baden-Württemberg) did not make any mistakes, but rather "had a very good election campaign," said Meuthen.

The limited options in the election campaign due to the corona measures were problematic for the AfD at this point.


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