Norwegian cross-country star Therese Johaug, 32, will have to miss the World Cup finals in Engadin, Switzerland due to injury.

Johaug said in a press release from the Norwegian Ski Association that he suffers from wrist infection.

- I'm fine, but I have to rest my hand for a few days, Johaug said.

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According to Norwegian national team doctor Remi Andersen, Johaug's wrist trouble is due to the skier wearing thinner gloves than usual in the mild weather of Oberstdorf.

Johaug won four gold medals at the World Ski Championships.

- Therese usually wears slightly thicker gloves.

When new equipment is obtained and used for a long time, it can cause some irritation or mild inflammation, Andersen explained to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Johaug and the entire Norwegian team have missed a large part of the World Cup competitions this season.

The skier size is ninth in the overall situation of the Women's Cup.

On Saturday afternoon, the women will ski 10 kilometers of the traditional cross-country ski start.

For women, the World Cup ends on Sunday with a 30-kilometer chase.