Overseas Network, March 13th. At a press conference on March 8, Thai Prime Minister Prayut picked up a bottle of alcohol spray and sprayed it on the front row reporters. This caused an uproar.

According to a report by Thai media The Thaiger, Prayut formally apologized for his actions on the 12th, saying that “I often make jokes with reporters like this”.

  Facing the international media’s heated discussion about the Thai Prime Minister’s “disinfecting reporters with alcohol”, Prayut formally apologized at the National Police Headquarters of Thailand: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I usually interact with the media in this way, and I will never do it again in the future. When the reporter asked what he thought of the international media's rush to report the matter, he responded: "Who is it that released the picture? I was just joking with you. I decided not to joke with you anymore. The matter ends here."

  At the press conference on March 8, Prayut looked serious when he was asked about the specific list of cabinet reorganization. He suddenly picked up a bottle of alcohol spray on the podium and walked to the reporter sitting in the first row, holding a mask in one hand and covering his mouth. , Sprayed alcohol on the reporter with the other hand, and said, "The reporter should take care of his own affairs."

(Overseas Net Zhu Huiyue)