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Several test locations in The Hague region close to strong wind

Seven of the eleven test locations of GGD Haaglanden remain closed today due to the risk of strong gusts of wind, the health service reports.

Four GGD test locations in this region will remain open.

These are the locations Lange Lombardstraat and Mariahoeve in The Hague and the test streets in Delft and Rijswijk.

The three vaccination locations that the GGD Haaglanden has, will remain open as usual.

People who had an appointment today at one of the closed test locations are called to make a new appointment.

The KNMI has issued code yellow for the daytime due to the strong wind.

In the morning, heavy gusts of wind can occur from 80 to 90 kilometers per hour.

Close to the sea even gusts of wind of up to around 100 kilometers per hour are possible.

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Pediatricians argue for a short test stick for children at every GGD location

All GGDs should use short rods to test children up to and including primary school age for the coronavirus.

Chairman of the Dutch Pediatric Association and member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), Károly Illy, argues for this gentle approach on Saturday.





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Three arrests after illegal party in Wateringen

Agents last night put an end to an illegal party in Wateringen, South Holland.

Three people were arrested, 

Omroep West


Regio15 report


About thirty people were partying in the business premises on 's-Gravenzandseweg, according to the police.

All those present were fined.

It is still unclear what the three people were arrested for.

According to


, at least one case involved assault.

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We work from home for a year, but that is no reason for a party.

A year ago the cabinet called on everyone in the Netherlands to work from home, if possible.

What does a year of working from home do to us?

Is it good for something or not at all?

And does it lead to new insights?

NU.nl asked Mark van Vugt, professor of psychology at VU University Amsterdam, who researched it.

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Latvia requires working from home due to revival of coronavirus

Latvia will largely make working from home mandatory from next week, in order to stem the spread of the corona virus.

The measure will apply to civil servants, state-owned companies and also large parts of the private sector, the Riga government announced.

The obligation to work from home starts on Tuesday.

There are exceptions for production factories and professions for which it is necessary to work on location, such as construction.

The measure is mainly intended to prevent employees from becoming infected in the office or on their way there, the Latvian government explained.

The Baltic country has seen the number of corona infections steadily increase since October last year.

The government therefore imposed strict restrictions in December.

Since the start of the pandemic, Latvia has registered nearly 93,000 corona infections.

The Latvian death toll from COVID-19 is close to 1,750.

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More than 2,000 corona deaths again in Brazil

In Brazil, more than 2,000 corona deaths have been recorded for the third day in a row.

More than 85,000 new infections were also reported, the second largest number of daily infections to date.

Experts warn that in many parts of the country the health care system is on the verge of collapse.

In the past 24 hours, there were 2,216 more deaths.

On Wednesday there was a day record with 2,286 deaths, on Thursday it was 2,233 deaths.

In total, 275,101 corona deaths have now been reported in Brazil, the second largest in the world after the United States.

11.3 million infections have been diagnosed since the start of the pandemic.

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US reaches milestone of 100 million vaccinations

The United States has reached a milestone in the fight against the corona virus.

100 million vaccines have now been administered.

The latest figures from the authorities show that healthcare workers have injected 101,128,005 injections.

For US President Joe Biden, tackling the corona crisis is the main thing.

About 35 million people, 10 percent of the population, have now been fully vaccinated.

Biden has consistently said his goal is to inject 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days of his presidency.

The previous president Donald Trump had already been pricked 20 million times.

At the current pace, Biden's goal is likely to be reached by the end of next week, well within the April 30 deadline.

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The main corona news of March 12.


  • The

    Ministry of Health

    reports that the Netherlands is getting fewer vaccines from pharmaceutical AstraZeneca.

    This is 450,000 fewer doses than planned between now and the end of April. 

  • The RIVM reported

    6,068 infections on


    , considerably more than the numbers reported in the previous days.

    This is the largest number of infections since mid-January.



     the corona figures in graphs.

  • Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet

     was questioned by

    the police in Emmeloord on

    Friday in the investigation into him

    , because he may have violated corona rules during a visit to nearby Urk.

    The Public Prosecution Service will make a decision about the actions of the FVD foreman in a few weeks.

  • The

    court in The Hague

    decided on Friday that 

    non-essential stores

     should keep their doors closed.

    INretail filed a lawsuit against the State, because the trade association found it irresponsible if stores would remain closed any longer.

  • The 

    Dutch Association of Cinemas and Film Theaters (NVBF)

     is withdrawing from the proposed trial with rapid tests.

    According to the

    trade association

    , quick tests in the cinema are practically and economically unfeasible.

    The tests would also have no added value for the cinemas.


  • The United States has reached a milestone in the fight against the coronavirus:

    100 million vaccines have now been administered


    The latest figures from the authorities show that healthcare workers have injected 101,128,005 injections.

  • The

    Dutch corona vaccine from the Janssen company

    in Leiden has now also received approval from the world

    health organization


    This means that the drug should be allowed an emergency permit in all countries.

  • AstraZeneca


    corona vaccine

    can cause an allergic reaction.

    That should therefore be stated on the package leaflet, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

  • In 


     , the government has declared

    a lockdown

    for almost the entire country

    during the Easter days (from 3 to 5 April).

    Shops that would not be essential will then remain closed, just like the catering industry.

    In many regions, additional corona measures are also in force from Monday.

  • Pfizer and BioNTech



    20 percent more

    corona vaccines

    this year

    than originally estimated.

    The American pharmaceutical company and the German biotech company expect to be able to produce 2.3 to 2.4 billion doses worldwide by 2021, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Thursday.

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