Yle's meteorologist Joonas Koskela, 30, found himself in a special situation in Thursday morning's news broadcast.

Koskela, who has worked as Yle's meteorologist since 2013, was in the middle of an exceptional cough attack.

In the broadcast, Koskela presents the weather of the evening in the normal way, when his voice shatters to almost nothing.

- Sorry, Koskela immediately says he coughed.

Koskela received a lot of special messages on Twitter after the broadcast. Photo: Jyrki Valkama / Yle photo service

However, coughs do not take to help.

- At the moment, a weather front with rain is approaching from the west, and in that connection the wind is getting stronger, Koskela tries to continue the sound of whistling.

Eventually, Koskela coughs for a moment at his elbow and gets his voice back.

Koskela smiles at the camera despite the incident and takes over the situation with the help of a professional.

- Sorry, I don't know which babe went down her throat, but now let's continue, Koskela says briskly.

You can watch the news broadcast from Yle Areena.

Koskela Weather Report starts at around 21:10.

Koskela himself commented on the incident on his own Twitter.

- I thought at first to clarify what happened at half past nine in the weather, but everything necessary was already said in the broadcast itself.

Case closed.

In the future, I will drink water before each performance, Koskela laughs.

Joonas Koskela has worked as Yle's meteorologist since 2013. Photo: Jyrki Valkama / Yle photo service

Viewers praised Twitter on how stylishly Koskela coped with the situation.

- I was constantly waiting to see if my hand would hand out a glass of water, but you clarified without!

- You were very welcome and got to the jar.

- Well maintained!

Couldn't have been better than that!

- You are people, not machines.

It hurts and happens.

Does not reduce style points.