China News Service, Washington, March 11 (Reporter Sha Hanting) The U.S. House of Representatives voted on the 11th local time to pass two bills to strengthen background checks on gun sales and transfers to ensure that individuals who are prohibited from owning guns cannot obtain guns.

  In the vote on the "Cross-Party Background Investigation Act," 227 votes were in favor and 203 votes were against. Among them, 8 Republicans joined the Democratic camp and voted for it, and 1 Democrat voted against it.

In the vote on the "Enhancing Background Checks Act," 219 votes in favor and 210 votes against, and two members of each party voted across parties.

Data map: Chicago, the United States is now "sharing guns" installation art, satirizing the proliferation of gun culture in the United States. The planners mentioned that they want to let the public reflect on how easy it is to obtain weapons and guns. Image source: Visual China

  Among them, the "Cross-Party Background Investigation Act" provides for background checks on unlicensed gun sales, online gun sales, and private gun transfers, but exempts the transfer of guns as gifts between family members.

The "Enhanced Background Investigation Act" stipulates that the duration of background investigations for gun buyers before buying a gun will be extended from the current 3 days to 10 days.

  According to current U.S. law, gun dealers with business licenses are required to conduct background checks on gun buyers, but unlicensed sellers and private guns are not required to conduct background checks.

  Regarding the bill, Democrats believe that it will prevent guns from falling into the hands of irresponsible people.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democrat Pelosi said in the debate before the vote, "The gun violence crisis in the United States challenges the conscience of the country, and we must take action. These bills will save lives."

  Republicans believe that most gun crimes are not committed by legal gun buyers, and that strengthening background checks cannot effectively prevent major shooting incidents.

Republican Congressman Perry said that the bill may lead to more crimes because it will prevent people who need to have guns in self-defense from obtaining guns in time.

  Next, these two bills will be submitted to the Senate.

Currently, Democrats and Republicans each hold 50 seats in the Senate, and both bills require 60 votes to pass.

The Senate Majority Party (Democratic) leader Schumer said on the 11th that he would work to win the support of Republicans and put it to a vote in the whole house.