US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken welcomed the national unity government, headed by Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, the confidence of the Libyan parliament, and called for the removal of foreign forces from the country, while regional and international parties expressed their efforts to cooperate with the new government.

Blinken urged the new leadership to take the necessary steps to ensure free and fair national elections on December 24th, as a major step towards a political solution.

He also called on all parties to support the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement, fully respect the arms embargo, and end the intervention, including the immediate removal of all foreign forces and mercenaries.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Libyan House of Representatives approved the national unity government headed by Dabaiba, without resolving the debate on the Ministry of Defense, after 132 deputies voted in favor of granting confidence to the government, while two deputies opposed it.

This government will manage the affairs of Libya during the transitional period, until general elections are held next December.

As for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, it called on all parties in Libya and the international community to support the Dabaiba government, while Egypt said that it looks forward to working with the national unity government and supports its efforts to fulfill its obligations.

The European Union welcomed the formation of the government, and said it is a historic opportunity for Libyans to end 10 years of conflict and join efforts to rebuild Libya.

Russia affirmed its endeavor to further develop political contacts with the Libyan side, and said that Libya would remain an important partner in North Africa.

Government priorities

The spokesman for the Libyan National Unity Government, Mohamed Hammouda, said that one of the most important priorities of the new government is to improve the quality of services provided to the Libyan people, and to prepare the ground for organizing elections.

In a previous contact with Al-Jazeera, Hammouda made it clear that the government would not accept the presence of foreign forces on Libyan territory, and indicated that the prime minister is the best consensual figure who can currently take over the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense.