Magdeburg (dpa / sa) - Saxony-Anhalt's education minister Marco Tullner has called for teaching courses at universities to be reorganized in order to reduce the shortage of certain types of school.

He has a high need for secondary school teachers, said the CDU politician on Thursday evening at a debate in the Magdeburg state parliament.

Nevertheless, the University of Halle rejected applicants for music studies, among other things because one of them played the wrong piece at the piano prelude.

"We can't afford that."

Talks were currently being held in the Standing Conference on how teacher training could be more tailored to national needs through specific focus areas, instead of each country training for itself, said Tullner.

It is not a solution to keep increasing the number of study places.

When the University of Magdeburg began to train math teachers, the numbers in Halle went down.

"In the end, I don't have more math teachers than I did before."

The education policy spokesman for the co-governing Greens, Wolfgang Aldag, also spoke out in favor of aligning the study places for teachers more closely with future needs for school types and subject combinations.


The left in the state parliament accused the state government of oversleeping the training of young teachers and thereby ensuring that there would still be a teacher shortage ten years from now.

An expert report assumes that in the next five years only 71 percent of the necessary teachers in elementary schools could be hired and only 20 percent of the demand in secondary and community schools, said left parliamentary group leader Thomas Lippmann.

He advocated training teachers in general for secondary schools and not separately for secondary schools and grammar schools.

That will not solve the problem, since secondary schools apparently have a bad image, replied the SPD MP Angela Kolb-Janssen.

It must be made known which good concepts are being worked with there.

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