China News Service, March 11. According to foreign media reports, another woman accused New York Governor Cuomo of improper sexual harassment. This is the sixth woman to accuse Cuomo so far.

Cuomo denied this again.

  The Times League reported on the 9th that a sixth woman accused Cuomo of wrongdoing, saying that Cuomo touched her without consent when meeting with her at the governor's residence at the end of 2020.

  This woman was a staff member of the Governor's Executive Chamber. She was called to the Governor's Mansion to assist in a work-related matter.

The female boss recently learned of the allegation and reminded Cuomo's lawyer.

  Cuomo denied the woman's allegations on March 10, 2021, saying that the new allegations in the report made him "extremely painful."

  Cuomo said, "I have never done anything like this." The details of this report are painful.

"Considering the ongoing review, I will not talk about the details of this or other allegations, but I have confidence in the results of the attorney general's investigation report."

  Prior to this, five women had accused Cuomo of sexual harassment.

  Cuomo had apologized publicly for the first time on the 3rd.

He said he felt sorry if he made others feel uncomfortable, but refused to admit that he had inappropriate contact with others.

  Cuomo also repeatedly expressed his refusal to resign and asked New Yorkers to wait patiently for the results of the New York State Attorney General's investigation before making a judgment.