A police officer was seriously injured in the face in Groningen on Wednesday evening in a stabbing that followed a curfew check.

The man is currently in hospital, reports the Groningen police.

The incident happened around 10 p.m. on Van Houtenlaan in the south of the city.

The officer and a colleague wanted to check on two young men because of the curfew.

Immediately after addressing the victim, one of the men attacked with a stabbing weapon.

The other cop was unharmed.

The two men walked away after the stabbing.

A Burgernet message was sent shortly after the incident.

They are still on the run.

The police ask eyewitnesses to report.

Investigation is ongoing as well as a search for the two young men.

There is currently no trace of them.

A Burgernet message has also been sent.

More information is not known at this time.


Avatar Author polgroningen Moment of places 22:59 - 10 March 2021