Bremen / Hanover (dpa / lni) - Dog owners in the state of Bremen have to leash their four-legged friends in the open countryside from Monday (March 15).

Due to the so-called breeding and setting time, dogs must be kept on a leash until July 15 on meadows, dirt roads, fields and in the forest.

The regulation is intended to prevent dogs from frightening birds or young game that are breeding on the ground.

It also applies to the dikes outside the built-up urban area.

If you let your dog run around in the open countryside without a leash, you are committing an administrative offense and facing a fine.

Hunting and police dogs are exempt from being on a leash during a mission.

In Lower Saxony, the breeding and setting season starts on April 1st and ends on July 15th, as in Bremen.

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Law on the breeding and setting time in Bremen, §7 field endangerment


Rules for dog owners in Lower Saxony