Japan's UN Ambassador to the United Nations, Ishigane, said he would "make a certain manifestation" of the ongoing discussions on the Myanmar issue at the Security Council, and said the Security Council would issue a statement.

In Myanmar, security forces repeatedly fired at civilians protesting a military coup, resulting in numerous casualties, and the UN Security Council met on the 5th of this month to discuss how to respond. It was not possible to take a consistent response.

In connection with this, Japan's UN Ambassador to the United Nations Kimihiro Ishikane said at an online seminar held by the Japanese media on the 9th, "It will not be a resolution, but it will be a certain manifestation of intention as the Security Council from now on. The Security Council is expected to issue a statement.

Security Council diplomatic sources also revealed that Britain has presented a draft statement and that countries are continuing discussions under the hood.

He said he is aiming for a chairman's statement, which is one level higher than the statement, to the press on the 4th of last month, saying that he "expresses serious concern."

However, China, which has a close relationship with the Myanmar military, has consistently opposed the criticism of the coup d'etat demanded by Western countries, and the Security Council sends a stronger message as the number of casualties increases due to protests in Myanmar. The future focus is on whether we can agree on that.