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In the Maritime Territory of Russia, five members of a family drowned while crossing a frozen river in a car when the ice sheet suddenly broke.

According to local media such as Interfax News on the 10th, the bodies of one adult woman and three children were found in the Razdolnaya (Suipun and Solbin) River flowing through the Usurisk area of ​​the Maritime Province the day before.

Local investigation authorities said that the dead were four out of five people reported missing on the 8th.

Local media reported that one woman and three children are family relationships.

Rescue teams and others are continuing their search work, assuming that one adult male reported along with those who died may have also died with them.

Investigation authorities believe they were deformed by breaking the ice sheet while trying to drive over a frozen river.

The car is also sinking in the river.

In coastal waters, there are frequent accidents where people drive out to rivers or seas that are frozen in winter and then drown and die. 

(Photo = TASS, Yonhap News)