The Catalans had lost the opening quarter-finals at home 1-4, and when KylG Mbappe of PSG took the hosts to 1-0 lead, the successor looked confident.

Lionel Messi brought Barca to the levels with his handsome long distance, but the chase froze at the end of the opening period after Messi fired a penalty kick towards Kaylor Navas.

The last time Messi had failed in the Champions League was a spot in February 2015.

No goals were seen in the second period, so PSG went into the top eight with 5-2 overall goals.

The fall of Mess and Barcelona caused a situation in the Champions League that has not been seen for 16 years: both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have dropped out of the games before the quarterfinals.

This was the last time in the period 2004-05.

Ronaldo's Juventus dropped out on Tuesday to Porto, Portugal.

Liverpool played their home game against RB Leipzig in Budapest.

The Germans had situations during the opening period, but Pool goalkeeper Alisson kept his goal clean.

Mohamed Salah, who has received a lot of criticism recently, lost two good goals in the first hour, but in the end it was the Egyptian who nailed the match with his 70th hit.

Peter Gulacsi from Hungary played a great match but he couldn’t do anything about Salah’s accurate shot.

A moment later, Shifter Divock Origi fed the goal to Sadio Man, who rushed in front of the goal and scored 2-0.

Jürgen Klopp's crew marched on with 4-0 co-goals.

Champions League on Wednesday


Liverpool, England – Leipzig, Germany 2–0 (0–0)

70. Mohamed Salah 1–0, 74. Sadio Mane 2–0.

Liverpool continue with a total of 4-0.


PSG, France-Barcelona, ​​Spain 1-1 (1-1)

31. Kylian Mbappe rp.

1–0, 37. Lionel Messi 1–1.

PSG to continue with goal goals 5–2.