• The decision of the regional government is based on the decree of the state of alarm that gives the power to Díaz Ayuso

The Community of Madrid has rebelled this Wednesday.

The Minister of Health of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has announced that

he will not close the perimeter of the region

either during the San José bridge or at Easter when he understands that this measure is not effective to avoid contagions by Covid-19 and the competent to deciding in this regard is the regional president,

Isabel Díaz Ayuso


"We do not consider it appropriate because we do not believe that the perimeter closure is a measure that benefits citizens at this time," Escudero said at a press conference after the Interterritorial Council.

And he added: "It is incomprehensible that a citizen of Madrid

cannot go to any Spanish region and a French

, a German or a Belgian can. It is incomprehensible that we close our autonomous communities and continue without having a control at the airports."

The decision of the regional government is based on the decree of the state of alarm that gives the power to adopt this decision to the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, since, as Escudero has argued, this decision is

of a "technical nature" and "not political".

"The legislation today, by which we are governed, is through the Royal Decree of the state of alarm where it makes it very clear what the powers are when making decisions," he insisted.

Asked about the resignation this morning of President Díaz Ayuso and the political tsunami that it has caused, Escudero has valued that "we are not going to deviate from our mission, which is to control infections."

And he stressed that the fact that there are elections "does not condition" and they will continue to "work for and

to control this pandemic


The epidemiological situation in the region, for its part, continues to improve, with a downward trend for a month in the indicators that they monitor day by day.

The number of new positives has dropped by

13% in the last seven days

and by 31% in the last 14. The counselor added that the "progressive progress" is also reflected in the decrease in patients in the ward -2,135 at present- and in ICUs -471 at the moment-.

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