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Sentences of six months in prison suspended to four years of imprisonment were requested Tuesday at the Marseille Criminal Court against sixteen defendants who took part in two trafficking in growth hormones fueling bodybuilding circles.

Opened in March 2015 on the basis of anonymous information, an investigation led to the identification of a maintenance worker at the North Hospital in Marseille, author of theft of prescriptions in the office of an endocrinologist.

Its sponsor and traffic organizer, a bodybuilder attending a Marseille gym, admitted to being the main instigator of this network.

False prescriptions and collectors

To obtain in pharmacies the delivery of a growth hormone, an exceptional drug sold between 188 and 720 euros per box depending on the dosage, "collectors", provided with their vital card and falsified prescriptions were given these false prescriptions of Umatrope.

In order to strengthen their bone mineral density and muscle mass, this drug is diverted by bodybuilders from its usual prescription.

Prolonged and excessive consumption can lead to serious complications such as a thyroid tumor, diabetes, or even morphological deformations.


Marseille: Police dismantle trafficking in growth hormones


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