Senegal: the movement for the defense of democracy suspends demonstrations

Senegal, Dakar, March 8, 2021, demonstration by supporters of Ousmane Sonko.


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After several days of violent anger, several deaths and an anti-regime mobilization that goes beyond the Sonko affair.

In Senegal, the movement for the defense of democracy (M2D) in Senegal calls for the end of the demonstrations.

The movement brings together opposition parties (including Ousmane Sonko's Pastef) as well as civil society movements like Y'en a Marre.


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The M2D therefore wants a break before saying more about the rest.

A call to suspend the planned demonstrations until tomorrow.

The movement will hold a press conference scheduled for 5 pm at the headquarters of the Pastef party to decide on " 

the continuation of the struggle


In its press release, the movement does not specify the reasons for this call to suspend the mobilization, but it announces that it will reaffirm " 

its demands including the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners

 " the movement will also announce " 

a new slogan concerning the date, place and form of the next events


It is a new development whereas yesterday, Monday, Ousmane Sonko had called for the continuation of the mobilization in a peaceful manner.

In his statement, the opponent attacked President Macky Sall, whom he accuses of having "

 betrayed the Senegalese people


For him, the head of state " 

is no longer legitimate

 " to lead the country.


The revolution is underway [...]

fear has changed sides, 

" he said.

And he called on the head of state to clarify his intentions for the next presidential election in 2024 to remove the doubt on a possible candidacy for a third term.

A " 

call for calm and restraint 

" from President Sall

President Macky Sall also spoke in the evening.

His statement was eagerly awaited after the unrest of recent days.

He launched a “ 

call for calm and restraint 


In a message to the Nation broadcast on national television of just over 10 minutes.

The Head of State therefore pleaded for appeasement, " 

dialogue and consultation


He claims to have "



the concerns and concerns of young people 



 The anger expressed in recent days is also linked to the impact of an economic crisis worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic

 ," said the head of state.

It promises a budgetary reorientation to meet the needs of young people in terms of training and employment.

In the immediate future, the health curfew is eased in the regions of Dakar and Thiès, it begins at midnight, instead of 9 p.m., until 5 a.m.

And on the judicial aspect of the crisis, Macky Sall called for “

 justice to take its course independently 


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