Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) - Hessen wants to improve health care at schools in the state.

Another ten school nurses are to help with initial care and advice for schoolchildren, said Minister of Education Alexander Lorz (CDU) in response to a small request from the SPD parliamentary group in Wiesbaden.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Culture, these so-called school health professionals are to be deployed in the current school year 2020/21.

Due to the corona pandemic, alternate classes are currently only offered for students in grades one to six.

Grades seven to eleven learn in distance lessons.

All graduating classes, on the other hand, already have face-to-face lessons in Hesse's schools.

According to the education minister, the positions will be available to schools in Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main, Hanau, Rüsselsheim am Main, Wiesbaden and Kassel.

The positions are permanent.

The nurses should not replace the public health service in their work, but support it significantly, explained Lorz.


The starting point for this personnel measure was a model project at ten general education schools in Frankfurt and Offenbach.

Ten school health professionals were tested between April 2017 and December 2018.

Due to the positive evaluation of the test phase, the Hessian state parliament decided to increase the 2020 budget by ten positions for these specialists.

In addition to providing acute care for sick and injured children, according to the Ministry of Culture, the specialists should also be responsible for looking after chronically ill and disabled students.

They should also be used for preventive measures or to support teachers during the lesson.

For the pupils, the school nurses should also be a point of contact for physical or emotional and social problems.

According to the minister of education, they advise on confidentiality.

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Answer by Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Alexander Lorz (CDU) to a small request from the SPD parliamentary group