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  • Covid.Madrid plans to open at Easter (and hopes that the other Autonomous Communities will do so as well)

The Government of Madrid fears that the Ministry of Health will impose a closure by communities also on the San José bridge to prevent external displacements

between March 19 and 21


The department of Carolina Darias, in line with most of the autonomies, had already been an open supporter of not allowing movements between regions during Easter as a preventive measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

trictions common to all territories during the Easter holidays, urges regional executives to "not lower the alert level" from the two weeks prior to the start of the holidays,

"although the indicators are favorable"


This makes Isabel Díaz Ayuso's team think that the central Executive will advocate for confinement from the middle of this month, a limitation that they oppose in Puerta del Sol because with it, they argue, internal mobility is increased. the Community of Madrid insist on the need to

"study where and how infections occur"

, since according to their data 80% is still concentrated in the houses.

"That is why we have forbidden since January 25 the meetings of non-partners in homes," says a spokesman, who finds it incongruous that the Ministry of Health only "expressly discourages" the holding of social gatherings of non-partners in closed spaces. the regional government,

"It is not about closing broad geographic areas

, but to close the areas or populations that concentrate the largest number of cases. "In addition, he insists that the social and family encounters of" more risk "in which people relax and remove their masks should be prevented." Before to propose perimeter closures, what the Ministry would have to consider is where the contagions actually occur and act accordingly by prohibiting meetings in homes and not expressly advising against it, "they emphasize in the Madrid Executive. Ayuso, for his part, maintains that does not see "inappropriate" that a citizen "of Logroño, Paris or any other corner of Spain" come to the capital "to visit a museum, to consume in a store or to move the economy if he does

respecting sanitary norms "


In his opinion, if effective passenger controls are put in place and if the Security Forces and Bodies and the Government Delegation help to avoid illegal concentrations and parties "from where the citizens come it does not matter."

"The virus does not spread by nationality

That is why we are in favor of remaining open and, if the virus changes direction, we will change the strategy.

I ask that they be sensitive to the Madrid economy, "says the regional president.

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