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A little surprise as a bonus.

Sunday, the gendarmes of Saint-Philbert-de-Grandlieu are called for a house fire in Touvois in Loire-Atlantique.

But there, they find several people in front of the pavilion, whose words are very confused.

People who appear to be alcoholic, said the Rezé departmental gendarmerie company in a statement.

Fearing the presence of other people in the house, the gendarmes then entered the house and attacked the fire, started by a fryer which had not been disconnected, while the occupants had dozed off.

After a few minutes, taking turns, using a garden hose, they control the flames and the firefighters finish securing the premises.

Cannabis cultivation hidden in the attic

Two gendarmes, who inhaled toxic fumes, as well as one of the occupants of the house, aged 48, are taken care of by the emergency services.

His wife, their son and his girlfriend are unharmed.

But while on a home safety tour, the firefighters stumble upon a large cannabis crop in the attic of the house.

Many plants are drying and growing material is discovered.

477 g of grass were seized and destroyed.

Seizures were made.

The soldiers heard the defendants, summoned for a criminal order on May 31.


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