Bordeaux: A “galvanizing” demonstration for women's rights -

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Drums, sound systems and slogans chanted with energy.

The demonstration for the international day of women's rights was not lacking in enthusiasm this Monday in Bordeaux.

The Bordeaux Feminist Assembly organized a mobilization that took shape from 2 p.m. on Stalingrad Square.

It began with the unveiling of a “fake plaque” renaming Avenue Thiers after the name of the feminist Louise Michel.

An official request has been filed with the town hall to rename it, while only 5% of the city's street names bear women's names.

"It is a commission made up of elected officials and citizens who decides," says Pascale Bousquet-Pitt, member of the collective of the feminist assembly (and delegated municipal councilor for equality between women and men).

It's obviously easier for the new streets.


Tribute to a defenestrated woman

The crowd, between 1,200 people according to the prefecture and 2,500 according to the organizers, crossed the stone bridge and went to rue de la Rousselle to pay homage to a woman who died after being defenestated.

Flowers were placed in his memory.

"It turns out that it is probably a feminicide," comments Pascale Bousquet-Pitt.

This is to say that violence against women is everyday and that it can go as far as murder.


Among the demonstrators, Mylène, 29, carries a sign "Rage against the machism".

“I have a very masculine job, I am a cabinetmaker, and between the professional experiences I had and my studies, I have been the victim on several occasions of harassment and other not cool things that make me I want to move so that it does not happen to others ”, testifies the young woman.

Request to waive the immunity of a parliamentarian

The atmosphere is very festive and Mylène appreciates the varied profiles of the participants.

"It's galvanizing, there are a lot of us," she smiles.

There are a lot of different age groups, there are a few men and lots of people from the LGBT + community, I find that great, because they are under-represented and often victims of violence.


Our dossier on Day

"On Saturday, we were mobilized in the Médoc but not in support of the former Mrs. Simian, who did not ask us anything, specifies Sylvie Bridier, of the feminist collective, but to ask for the end of the parliamentary immunity of the deputy Benoit Simian .

"When the great cause of the five-year term is women's rights, we cannot not lift the immunity of a parliamentarian accused of violence against his wife", supports Pascale Bousquet-Pitt.


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