If you want to be fit for the summer, you can take a sports coach in your arm, which may or may not be flabby.

However, many people only think about a money coach or other similar help when the financial misery is no longer manageable.

Is that justified, for whom does a money coach make sense, can such a coach make you richer and what should you pay attention to when you choose one?

The number of budget and money coaches registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) has increased by 24 percent in recent years: from 1,153 in 2016 to 1,431 in 2021. There are probably many more, because this is only the number of companies with their description the word coach in combination with the words money or budget.

"The figures are an approximation, because there is no separate code for the budget coach. But the trend is unlikely to deviate," explains Debby van Wijngaarden of the Chamber of Commerce.

"Money worries cause stress and can affect your health and enjoyment of life."

Lisa Verdegaal, money coach

Anyone who has financial problems can receive free guidance from the municipality in the form of budget management or administration.

So which target group do paid money coaches actually target?

Lisa Verdegaal, as a budget coach, claims to serve the most diverse clientele.

For 50 euros per hour, she coaches people in a number of sessions towards financial self-reliance.

"People can also turn to the municipality, but they often think: my situation is not serious enough for that."

'Of course it costs something, but debts are more expensive'

According to Verdegaal, many people stick their heads in the sand when they have financial problems.

"That usually happens after a few payment arrears. Then new letters arrive and they then put them unopened in a drawer, because they cannot pay it now anyway, so they think: I will do that later. But it will never come later. , because new letters are already coming. "

"Yet I also have clients who have no debts, but also no financial overview. Who have a good salary, but who still fall short at the end of the month and can never go on holiday. I will then put everything together with them and I give them tips so that they do end up with money. "

Can you use a money coach to make you richer?

Verdegaal: "Yes, because you can save a lot every month. Have double insurance, cancel subscriptions that you did not know you had for a long time, switch to a cheaper provider. That saves you so much every month that you will have money left over."

Still, it feels contradictory: paying a coach to save money.

"Of course it costs something, but if you compare that against the high costs associated with debt or mismanagement of your finances, it is peanuts," says the budget coach.

"And more than just high costs: money worries cause stress and can affect your health and enjoyment of life."

'Anyone can call themselves a coach'

How do you find a good but above all reliable money coach?

After all, putting your financial situation in the hands of a stranger is quite risky, especially since this title is not a protected profession.

The Registration Foundation (StiR), as an independent foundation, keeps professional registrations of coaches and other professional counselors in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, says director Frank Peusen.

"Anyone can call themselves that, and that is why it is important that you hire a registered coach."

"Everyone who is registered with us has to adhere to preconditions. There is a code of conduct and a complaints committee that you can turn to if things do not go well," said Peusen.

"A coach who registers takes himself and his work seriously. Especially when it comes to something as important as your money, I would like to take as little risk as possible."