A news report said, today, Monday, that the German club Leipzig will pay a fine of more than one million euros for changing the stadium of its match against Liverpool in the price of the Champions League final.

In view of the travel restrictions imposed in Germany in light of the new Corona virus pandemic, it was decided to transfer the return match that was to be held at Liverpool Stadium to the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

Then Liverpool will receive a compensation from Leipzig, equivalent to 10% of the entrance fee, according to UEFA regulations.

The German newspaper "Bild" reported, today, Monday, that the entrance fee was not precisely determined by UEFA, but given that it amounted to 15.25 million euros last season, it can be assumed that Leipzig will have to pay at least 1.52 million euros.

The amount will be kept and transferred to Liverpool upon the payment of the prize money for the tournament.

In addition, Leipzig will be obligated to pay half of the costs of the match in Budapest.

Bild explained that Leipzig had incurred additional costs of 300,000 euros in the first leg, which was also transferred to the Hungarian capital due to travel restrictions.

Britain is a danger zone with regard to the most contagious version of the emerging corona virus, and in the event of travel to Liverpool, Leipzig would have to be quarantined upon his return to Germany.