, Beijing, March 8 (Reporter Zhang Weiran) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian revealed at a regular press conference on the 8th that as of March 1, 244 Chinese embassies and consulates in 163 countries issued " "Spring Festival Package" is about 500,000 copies.

  A reporter asked a question. On the 7th, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi introduced the extensive work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in helping overseas Chinese citizens fight the epidemic at the press conference of the foreign ministers of the two sessions. Among them, he mentioned the distribution of "Spring Festival packages" to overseas compatriots.

Can the spokesperson provide further details?

  Zhao Lijian said that in the past year, it was indeed difficult for compatriots overseas.

As Wang Yi said on the 7th, the party and the government have always cared about the safety and health of every overseas compatriot.

  Zhao Lijian said that as of March 1st, 244 embassies and consulates in 163 countries have distributed about 500,000 copies of "Spring Festival packages."

Some embassies and consulates have carefully designed "Spring Festival bags" with different contents such as cultural and creative "blind boxes" and living supplies packages; some embassies and consulates provide "New Year's Eve dinner" with Chinese characteristics in the "Spring Festival packages"; some envoys The museum draws floral envelopes and writes greeting cards.

The "Spring Festival package" warms the wandering hearts.

The "Spring Festival Package" crosses the oceans and rivers, sending epidemic prevention materials, the care of the motherland, and affectionate holiday blessings.

  Zhao Li insisted that at present, the epidemic has not yet passed. We will continue to practice the concept of "Diplomacy for the People", implement the "Spring Miao Action", launch international travel health certificates, and "Chinese Consulate APP" to help safe and orderly exchanges of personnel, and more Maintain the safety and health of overseas compatriots.