Hamburg (dpa / lno) - Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, according to the AOK figures, people in Hamburg have been on sick leave more often because of physical and mental stress.

Last year the downtime due to back pain increased by 15.5 percent and due to shoulder problems by as much as 30.2 percent, the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg announced on Monday.

The health insurance company also recorded significant increases in anxiety disorders (plus 25.6 percent) and sleep disorders (plus 24.4 percent).

The increase in downtime due to stress disorders (plus 8.6 percent) and depressive disorders (plus 5.2 percent) was less pronounced.

Mentally unstable people were particularly affected by the uncertainties in the first year of the pandemic, said AOK regional director Thomas Bott.

"But the restrictions in the home office as well as in leisure activities and sports are having an increasingly negative effect on people's physical and mental health."

The AOK counted 2,696 Covid-19 cases with its Hamburg insured persons last year.

On average, those affected were unable to work for 9.4 days.

The total number of sick days fell by 14 percent in 2020.

The duration of the incapacity for work has increased by 16 percent, it said.

This was due to the longer periods of absence from respiratory diseases, but also from psychological and physical ailments.


According to a spokeswoman, the AOK has around 330,000 insured persons in Hamburg, 128,000 of whom are gainfully employed.

These were the basis for the data evaluation.

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