A Snapchat message ignites a battle in a restaurant

A message via (Snapchat) about the death of a young man caused a dispute between a group of friends in the group, which reached the point of beating one of them for not believing the news of the death of their friend, accusing him of mocking him after his death, and as a result the Public Prosecution in Ras Al Khaimah accused two young men Two Gulf citizens by beating each other's body, causing varying injuries to each other, and the Juvenile Misdemeanor Court in the Ras Al Khaimah Courts Department began to try the accused.

In detail, the victim said that, while he was with his friends in a restaurant, he saw the second defendant, accompanied by five others, and asked him: “Why do you think that you are striving for our late friend through the application of Snapchat?”

He explained that the second defendant slapped him on the face and on the head, and some people present beat him without being able to defend himself, which led to his fall to the ground as a result of unconsciousness, pointing out that he received a message through the application of "Snapchat" indicating that someone's death His friends in the group, and he responded to the message that what is being circulated is a lie and their friend has not died.

A witness in the case indicated that he and the victim were leaving the restaurant, and eight people came to them, and told his friend: “Why do you curses the deceased?” This is something that the victim denied, and confirmed that he respects the deceased and did not insult him, and two people beat him.

Another witness in the case stated that one of them constantly punched the victim in the face, while the second accused grabbed him and two others slapped him, while two other people were watching the situation without interfering, and when the victim fell to the ground to escape from the scene, and they asked him not to inform The police reported the incident.

He explained that as soon as he called the police, one of them threatened to beat him, indicating that he did not know the accused, and this was the first time he saw them.

For his part, the second accused admitted that he was accompanied by his friend and saw the victim in the place, and there was a previous dispute between them through a social media program, and he went to talk to him about insulting his deceased friend, which the victim denied.

He continued, "There was an argument between us because he cursed my deceased friend, and pushed me with his hand, so I slapped him in the face, and I fell on the chair, so he tried to get up to hit me and punched him, just as he punched you with his hands, and then the rest of the friends came, and they separated us."

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