China News Service, Hangzhou, March 7 (Qian Chenfei, Fu Zhenhai, Zhou Lichao) Zhijiang Laboratory in Zhejiang announced on the 6th that its large-scale scientific device for quantum precision measurement based on the light momentum effect has recently completed the acceptance of milestone node results, and its performance indicators are among the best. International advanced level.

  The large scientific device for quantum precision measurement in Zhijiang Laboratory was officially established in July 2019. It aims to achieve ultra-high-precision measurement of various physical quantities such as limit weak force and acceleration, break through the theoretical limit of traditional measurement methods, and establish the field of quantum sensing "Chinese precision".

  After more than a year of construction, research and development and commissioning by the project team, the laboratory invited a review expert group led by academician Zhu Shiyao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct a milestone node review of the device.

After listening to the relevant reports of the project team and reviewing the technical documents, the members of the evaluation expert group checked the scientific installations in operation through live video connection, and conducted inquiries and discussions around the technical points.

In the end, the review expert group agreed that the test indicators of the device met the milestone node assessment requirements, and recommended that the project team continue to promote the construction of the scientific device test environment and subsequent research and application work.

  Hu Huizhu, head of the team, said that the successful acceptance of the milestone results proves that the laboratory has explored a way in the direction of quantum sensing technology for high-precision mechanical quantities, and has formed mechanisms and key technologies such as micro-scale quantum control and enhancement. Very good research accumulation has laid a solid foundation for the development of mechanical quantum sensing technology. In the future, quantum extremely weak force measurement devices can support the research on major frontier scientific issues related to mechanics.

  "In more than a year, we have continuously overcome key technical problems such as stable suspension of high-vacuum optical traps, three-axis decoupling position detection at the sub-picometer level, and centroid motion cooling of the millikelvin-level sensitive unit. With strong scientific research guarantee and service support, team members have gradually grown into young and middle-aged backbones in this scientific research direction." Hu Huizhu said that since the establishment of the project team, the young research backbone of the team has been approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and China Four national-level projects including post-doctoral science fund, applied for 19 national invention patents and international invention patents, and achieved fruitful research results.