Alexander Bolshunov, who was badly disappointed with the final trip of the World Cup, received support from an extremely high level.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of congratulations to Bolshunov in Oberstdorf.

Putin's congratulations were told by presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov to news agencies Tassi and Ria Novost, among others.

- Vladimir Putin sent a silver medal of congratulations to Alexander Bolshunov, who won a 50 km race.

Putin wrote that it was Alexander who became the real hero of the competition, Peskov said.

Bolshunov was caught in the 50-kilometer victory just over a hundred meters before the goal, until Norway's Johannes Hösflot Kläbo tried to overtake the too narrow gap.

In contact, Bolshunov's right stick broke, and in the end the Russian also passed Emil Iversen.

Bolshunov’s bronze brightened to World Championship silver when Kläbo was finally dismissed.

Bolshunov eventually won four medals from Oberstdorf.

He won the 30km combined world championship, won silver in the 50km and a medal and bronze in the men’s doubles.