The 38-year-old Curaçao politician Almier Godett died on Sunday morning (local time) in a family quarrel in Willemstad.

Godett is said to have mediated in a quarrel between two family members, but was himself the victim.

The politician was hit by several bullets and died on the spot.

Police have confirmed that a suspect has been arrested.

Godett was cousin of former Prime Minister Mirna Godett and of former FOL party leader Anthony Godett.

Almier Godett was fourth on the electoral list of a new political party, Trabou pa Kòrsou, for the upcoming elections.

The island was shocked by the death of Godett.

Many people wish his family strength on social media.

He is known as an entrepreneur and was, among other things, a supervisory director of the Curaçao housing association FKP.

Godett has previously been detained for drug trafficking after being arrested for this in 2014.