Norwegian super skier Johannes Hösflot Kläbo thought he had won the men’s 50km men’s world championship on Sunday after finishing first.

It happened differently.

He was abandoned, and his compatriot Emil Iversen became world champion.

The reason for the rejection was the collision of Kläbo and Aleksandr Bolshunov at the beginning of the finish line.

Bolshunov broke his wand in a rush, which took the Russian a chance to win.

- This feels like the toughest day of my entire career.

I felt strong and controlled the competition well.

Everyone can see for themselves what happened and make their own assessments, Kläbo wrote in his Instagram account after the rejection verdict.

- I have to be honest.

There is a lot of frustration and anger about today’s race.

I've been waiting for this for so long and this was the main objective of the season.

I have never been so ready for a race and my goals were high.

I knew I had a chance to win, the Norwegian wrote.

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Of course, the decision of the International Ski Federation (Fis) to reject Kläbo's performance did not seem fair to the Norwegian.

- First Fis declared me the winner and the situation was treated as a competition event.

Fis then changed the content and decided to reject me (the performance).

As you will surely understand, this became a huge disappointment.

This situation speaks for a long time.

Johannes Hösflot Kläbo (left) crashed with Alexander Bolshunov, leading to the rejection of the Norwegian. Photo: KAI PFAFFENBACH / Reuters

- I have to be careful to say what my mind right now, but I'm very disappointed in F-sharp way to deal with the situation and the final decision of the Jury F-sharp.

Right now, everything feels dark, but I’ll be back.

I just need time.

Thanks for the support and all the nice messages, Kläbo decided.

With the abandonment of Klabö, Bolshunov rose to silver and Norwegian Simen to Hegstad Kruger porn.

Iivo Niskanen was ranked sixth as the best Finn.