Medal Hope Iivo Niskanen's World Championships ended in a disappointing disappointment with the men's traditional skiing in their fifties.

The Finn was in the top position for the last kilometer, but Burgstall's long ascent before the goal turned out to be devastating for him in terms of the medal.

Disappointed Niskanen threw his skis in the finish area, and complained in Yle's interview that the ski was being worn during the frozen race.

He went to change his skis after the fifth lap.

According to IS's ski expert Harri Kirvesniemi, Niskanen's medal seam could escape even at the time of the ski change.

- Iivo had a rush after the change, when the others ran away.

The glue should start with a straight push, but Iivo kicked aggressively into the first bend.

Kirvesniemi suspects that there was salt at the track and Niskanen's furious fires were fatal.

- The ski could grab the salted spot.

In such a situation, the paste can be ruined and piled up, causing it to poke during the trip as well.

If the ice gets caught and damages the ski surface, then it will not leave the scratch at any point.

Niskanen's skis slipped sadly on the last ascent.

However, Kirvesniemi is skeptical whether Niskanen would have been in the golden condition without the freezing of the hold.

The body language of the Olympic winner was not quite as dense during the competition as it was at its best.

- Of course, a bad ski eats strength, but at no point did his skiing look nearly as convincing as in the gold skiing of the 50-kilometer Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

Iivo didn’t have quite the best of looseness and his energy levels seemed too low.