Grandmother's Day, March 7, is a moment of sharing between grandparents and their grandchildren.

With the coronavirus epidemic, the meetings seemed compromised but the massive vaccination of the elderly, especially in nursing homes, allows intergenerational reunions.

This is the case in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés where Europe 1 went. 

How to celebrate Grandmother's Day in the midst of the Covid pandemic?

The elderly are most at risk, but in nursing homes, one in two residents has received two doses of the vaccine, eight in ten at least one dose.

This "success", underlined by Jean Castex, makes it possible to relax the rules governing nursing homes.

And the weekend of Grandmother's Day is the best opportunity to start reopening the doors and in particular to welcome minors as is done by the establishment of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, in Val-de-Marne. .

An expected reunion ...

"It was a long time to wait without seeing you," said Clemence.

Indeed, it's been about a year since Lydie has not seen her great-granddaughters, Clémence and her sister Emilie, aged 6 and 9.

And if she laughs at the candor of these children, she is especially relieved to be able to make up for lost time.

Now that she is vaccinated, this lady can celebrate her 91st birthday with her family, which falls this weekend.  


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A moment of sharing that was still impossible a few days ago because only adults had the right to visit, in small quantities.

So Lydie savors.

"I have all the joy today: you and my birthday too. Isn't that wonderful?" She asks the girls. 


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... but barrier actions still in force

This release felt by the old lady is also a relief for the staff.

Olivia, one of the caregivers, confirms this.

"It's been so long these separations. There we are happy to find a little joy of living and to resume more or less a 'normal' life we ​​will say."


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Because there is indeed a shadow on the board.

Since the vaccine is not 100% effective, the risk has not completely disappeared.

So, for safety, Clémence, Emilie and Lydie must remain masked and they are not yet allowed to hug each other.

This will have to wait for the next easing.

But with these visits now possible, the time will seem shorter.