• Machismo: A study concludes that one in two Spaniards knows a case of gender violence in their environment

The 25-year-old girl attacked this Sunday afternoon in


, who is admitted to the

San Pedro Hospital

, has received at least

five stab wounds

allegedly by a young man of 20, with whom she lived until a few days ago, when the woman decided to end the relationship.

Both have been transferred to the hospital, she with several stab injuries to her

neck, back, abdomen and hands

, the extent of which is still unknown;

and he with

minor self-inflicted injuries to his neck

, the City Council of Logroño has detailed in a note.

He added that, according to the data provided, this afternoon they met to speak and, after maintaining her refusal to resume the relationship, the alleged assailant has decided to stab her, a

fact that could have been previously decided based

on what was stated to the agents.

The event occurred at around 4:45 p.m. in the

area of ​​the Revellín fronton, in the Old Town of Logroño, next to the Ebro park

, where several witnesses have called the Local Police when they saw how a man struggled with a woman in public roads.

According to these witnesses, when he was reprimanded for his attitude, the aggressor allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman twice.

The City Council has specified that when these people have tried to help the victim and avoid the aggression, the young man has faced and

chased witnesses

who tried to help the victim

with a knife


Afterwards, the assailant turned towards the injured woman and, apparently, has stabbed her at least three more times.

The woman was being treated by the witnesses when the Local Police agents arrived at the scene of the event, who have located the young man on the pedestrian walkway over the Ebro river.

In trying to reach him to stop him, he has stepped on the other side of the railing,

threatened to injure himself, and sustained minor injuries


Moments later, when an attempt was made to arrest him, the young man jumped into the river, from where he was rescued and detained by the Local Police in the flooded grove.

The City Council added that

there was no prior history of sexist violence by the aggressor and there were no protection measures in force


The Government Delegation in La Rioja has specified that, as it is a matter of sexist violence, the case has been handled by its Coordination Unit against Violence against Women and the specific unit in this area of ​​the National Police.

For her part, the president of the Government of La Rioja,

Concha Andreu

, assured this Sunday that "sexist violence cannot be accommodated" and has been "dismayed" at this aggression.

"Dismayed at a new sexist aggression. Violence cannot have a place. My best wishes for a speedy recovery," indicates the tweet that Andreu has posted on his Twitter account.

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