The hotel management of the Valencian Community, Hosbec, fears that the firmness with which the Government of Spain defends the perimeter closure of the autonomous communities at Easter will lead to "tourismophobia" due to the fear of contagion.

The decision to limit mobility is not shared by this sector, given the positive evolution of the contagion figures "and the forecast of improvement with which we are working for the next few weeks."

"We cannot be afraid of normality, which is what is gripping politicians," says Hosbec president Toni Mayor.

The recipe to contain the pandemic according to Hosbec is "control, tracking to corner the infections and that the figures do not go off again."

In his opinion, there is no risk of receiving "40,000 clients from other communities in the hotels when five million Valencians can move within the territory. Security and traceability are guaranteed," he insists.

In fact, it raises a fact: "since May no outbreak, infraction or risk associated with travel has been detected."

Point to the mobility associated with tourism does not have, in the opinion of the employer, any sense.

"The Valencian Community has been closed since October 25 and that has not prevented a third wave with the data that we all know."

"We are very concerned about the subliminal message of contagion 'tourismophobia' that is being transmitted to society, trying to blame the infections for tourists who have not traveled for months, when precisely where they occur is in social and family settings," says Mayor .

The reason for the closure is greater in the "impotence" of the health authorities, which "are not capable of adequate monitoring, tracking and screening", in addition to not being able to enforce the rules.

Meeting with Economy and Tourism

The hotel businessmen demand that the Valencian Government "publish the de-escalation plan as soon as possible" and "what will be the figure from which the Community can be opened abroad."

"We are very concerned that this stage fright that the rulers have extends over time and they do not want to open the perimeter fence even during the summer," warns Mayor.

The sector claims "exceptional solutions to exceptional situations", such as moving the Holy Week holidays to the end of April and May "when the final effort has already been made and we can reactivate mobility."

Next Monday, the hotel sector will meet in Benidorm with the Minister of Economy,

Rafael Climent

, and the regional secretary for Tourism,

Francesc Colomer

, to discuss, among other matters, the rescue plan for the hotel sector with the president of Hosbec, Toni Mayor, and a small group of hotel businessmen in the Community.

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