Distance education in Malmö's schools has not been problem-free.

At Borgarskolan, the deputy principal sent out an email three weeks ago describing how students from their own and other schools gained access to the digital classrooms and came in during lessons to sabotage the lessons.

- Especially this spring, it was a problem.

Now we saw tendencies for this to happen again and therefore my deputy principal sent out this email, says the school's principal Martin Roth.

"Immature zero"

The e-mail states that "that kind of failed humor only reveals the person involved as an immature zero.".

Students at the school have reacted to the harsh tone.

- It is to make a hen out of a feather for the whole email breathes rather that it is very encouraging and a big thank you to all those who are struggling, says Martin Roth.

Disturb those who are having a hard time

Martin Roth thinks that the big problem with the lessons being sabotaged is that it makes it even more difficult for those who already have problems with distance education.

He is supported by the student Rachel Paluskaar who is on site at the school to write a test.

- I think it is very disturbing because there are those who are serious and who really want to take this chance to do better in school, she says.

Start the clip to hear Borgarskolan's principal, Martin Roth, describe how the uninvited guests "fool around" in the lessons.