It turned out that Tiger Woods of the US'Golf Emperor' did not remember the fact that he was in an accident and even grabbed the steering wheel when the car overturned on the 23rd of last month.

There were first witnesses at the scene of the accident before the police rescued Woods, and what this witness told the police was known.

The Associated Press reported that statements from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office and the first witnesses of these statements were filed with the courts.

This affidavit came with the police as they filed for a warrant to search the black box mounted on Woods' vehicle, the Genesis GV80.

According to the statement, a man residing in Rolling Hills Estates in Los Angeles County, the site of the accident, heard the sound of a car crash and ran to the accident site first.

When this man discovered the accident vehicle, Woods was completely unresponsive and unconscious.

When the police arrived, Woods regained consciousness and sat in the driver's seat with blood on his face and chin, answering police questions.

However, Woods told the police that even at the scene of the accident, even after being taken to the hospital, he didn't know why the accident happened, and that he had no memory of driving.

Dr. Andre Campbell of the Trauma Center at Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco says it's not uncommon for patients who have had a head shock in a car accident to lose consciousness or lose their memory.

A situation where you lose consciousness in an accident can last for hours, and your memories at the time of the accident may not return forever.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the cause of the accident by securing a GV80 black box containing driving information at the time of the accident.

Police said in a document filed with the court that the black box "can provide information about the driver's use of the brakes and accelerator pedals."