Swedish ski star Frida Karlsson's World Championships ended in a severe emotional storm.

He achieved his third medal in the traditional thirties, a bronze medal, but the mood was fueled by a hand injury in the final race.

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Karlsson crashed on a fast-paced downhill about 10 miles before the finish line with Heidi Weng and his compatriot Ebba Anderson.

He was rushed from the finish area to the hospital for further investigations.

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Swedish national team doctor Anders Englund announced Saturday night that Karlsson survived the rush with fright.

- Frida is back in the pictures and is strong.

The x-ray revealed that his arm was not broken.

However, the arm is swollen, which prevents skiing for at least a few days, Englund said, according to SVT.

The World Ski Cup will continue next weekend in Engad, Switzerland.

Karlsson's participation in the competition has not been announced.

The 30-kilometer World Cup start was Therese Johaug’s overwhelming show.

Norway’s Heidi Weng wedged silver before Karlsson.

Krista Pärmäkoski was eighth as the best Finn.