Frida Karlsson finished third in the 30-mile traditional cross-country race, but the medal party was short.

The Swede injured his hand in the fourth round after crashing downhill with Ebba Andersson and Heidi Weng.

Karlsson cried and cried out in pain in the finish area, and was immediately taken by ambulance to the hospital for further examinations.

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Karlsson commented on his situation in a press release from the Swedish team, which was cited by SVT, among others.

- I fell in the fourth round.

A lot happened to me, but I continued skiing only with a medal in my mind.

It hurt my hand the whole time, but it wasn’t until the finish line that I felt how much, he stated straight from the hospital.

Karlsson tuned the pole despite Kir's injury.

He let the last one past Weng by the previous downhill, but was to achieve this again with his furious tie.

Swedish head coach Anders Byström updated his steadfastness after a painful crash.

Karlsson, Weng and Andersson crashed about 10 miles before the finish.

Byström nurtured hopes that Karlsson's injury would not turn out to be serious on X-rays.

- Let's see what happens.

I hope the injury isn’t long-lasting and he can start the training season healthy, he told Expressen.