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  • Royal House The role of Queen Sofia in the future of her granddaughter, Princess Leonor

Queen Sofia remains the most beloved member of the Royal Family according to recent media polls.

And yet today it is isolated from the Crown.

Without any explanation,

without official announcements, simply by way of the facts.

She is not taken into account for official tasks and, despite the fact that she is one of the six members that make up the Royal Family at this time, it seems as if the objective was to make her invisible within the strategy of turning the page.

of everything that has to do with the reign of

Juan Carlos I


On Tuesday for the first time in a long time, he will participate in the Board of Trustees of the Reina Sofía School of Music.

An exception?

This same week the cornering has become especially visible.

In a solemn ceremony at the Palacio de El Pardo, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia delivered the 2018 National Sports Awards on Monday, the pandemic forced to suspend the event last year.

The loneliness of the Monarchs did not go unnoticed in an event that once brought together almost all the members of the Royal Family.

Even in recent years, already excluded the presence of the Infanta Elena,

at least the four Kings got together.

With Don Juan Carlos removed from all institutional activity and with residence in the Emirates, nobody counted on him.

But the absence of the Queen Mother was surprising when even one of the awards bears the name of Reina Sofía, which in this edition went to the chess player Sabrina Vega.

Only one day later, the controversial revelation broke out that Infantas Elena and Cristina have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus in Abu Dhabi, taking advantage of a recent trip to spend a few days with their father.

When asked by journalists, the Casa del Rey made it clear that

the institution has nothing to do

with the actions of Don Felipe's sisters and that Kings Felipe and Letizia and their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, will be vaccinated "when appropriate."

A skinny dog ​​is all fleas.

And the clarification reopened the question of what is happening with Doña Sofía.

It is unknown if you have already been vaccinated

or if you are still waiting to be called by the corresponding health services in Madrid, the community where you live and where the immunization process for people over 80 years of age has already begun.

It is not the first time, on the contrary, that the House of the King imposes a communicative wall that goes through giving explanations only about the Kings and their daughters, which confirms that

absolute apart from Doña Sofía

so inexplicable.

We already published in LOC that Zarzuela had designed a plan to convey to public opinion the image that the Crown right now is exclusively embodied by the hard core of the Family, which is Don Felipe,

Mrs. Letizia

and its



They pay just for sinners.

And Doña Sofía has had to remain in the shadows as a result of her estrangement from her husband, just like

at the time he unfairly separated Doña Elena

in the purge to his sister Doña Cristina.

But the reality is that the strategy is being a failure.

Citizens and the media continue to identify all the relatives of Don Felipe with the Crown.

And, given that reality, to dispense with the extraordinary services that Doña Sofía could continue to provide, as is being done, is a nonsense and harms the institution.

A few weeks ago, the Casa del Rey reported on the budgetary items planned for this 2021. And, in the salary section of the Royal Family,

realized the allocation of Doña Sofía, of 114,240 euros

, which, like that of his son and daughter-in-law, remains frozen compared to the previous year.

When Zarzuela began to communicate these points, he explained that these allocations include both the concept of gross salary itself and the personal funds for expenses for representation needs.

And yet, as we say, the Emerita is no longer part of the agenda.

His defenestration comes from afar.

How can we forget when in October 2018 she was heard lamenting that with her "they don't count for anything."

So far this year, Doña Sofía has hardly been seen in public.

And the acts in which he has participated have not had to do with the Crown but only with the foundation that bears his name.

Thus, it has held meetings to, for example, collaborate with the SusPlast Platform, which fights to combat plastic pollution and achieve a circular economy.

And in February she chaired the government commission called Neurodegenerative Diseases: International Year of Research and Innovation, a meeting by videoconference where Doña Sofía reaffirmed her foundation's commitment to the International Congress on these pathologies to be held next year in Salamanca.


Queen mother

She was not seen even in summer with Don Felipe

and his family in Marivent, as happened every year before, which has already aroused many suspicions.

Shortly after, in November, she was embroiled in the card scandal


of Don Juan Carlos with which gifts and trips were paid to different members of his family, such as his grandchildren Froilán and Victoria Federica.

But, despite the initial information,

there has been no known expense of the Emerita with these cards


That episode gave rise to some circles to attack her, knowing that she maintains a highly valued image among citizens.

People close to Doña Sofía confirmed to LOC that she had a really bad time those days.

Although, showing that she is still the same great professional as always, she did not hesitate to show herself showing her best face.

Just as he will do again the day they leave him ... if they let him.

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