In response to increasing violence against demonstrators protesting a military coup in Myanmar, the US Biden administration has exported American products to Myanmar's Ministry of Defense and major military-related companies. Announced a de facto ban and moved to additional sanctions.

In Myanmar, security forces have repeatedly fired at demonstrators protesting a military coup, and the United Nations has announced that more than 50 people have been killed and injured so far.

In response to this situation, the U.S. Department of Commerce will add Myanmar's Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and two major military-related companies to the list that effectively bans the export of products from U.S. companies as a new countermeasure on the 4th. Was announced.

It also plans to tighten export restrictions on items that may be diverted to Myanmar.

The Commerce Department emphasized in a statement that "the United States will continue to hold the perpetrators of the coup accountable," and said it was willing to take further sanctions, strongly restraining the military.

The Biden administration has imposed sanctions such as asset freezes on 12 military executives, including the top of the Myanmar army, and three companies under the umbrella of a major company that was subject to the embargo this time. It is a form that has moved to additional sanctions.

Regarding the response to the Myanmar military that caused the coup d'etat, the Biden administration is continuing discussions centered on allies and friendly countries, and plans to increase pressure on the military in cooperation with the international community.