According to a comprehensive report from China News Service, March 5, from the evening of the 4th to the early morning of the 5th, Beijing time, three consecutive strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher occurred in the northern waters of New Zealand, with the maximum magnitude of 8.1.

The New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency said the east coast is expected to face the threat of a tsunami and called on people to evacuate.

At 21:27 pm on the 4th, Beijing time, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred in the northeastern waters of New Zealand's North Island.

(Image source: screenshot of the U.S. Geological Survey website)

  According to the US Geological Survey's website, at 21:27 Beijing time on the 4th, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred in the sea about 175 kilometers northeast of Gisborne, North Island of New Zealand.

Subsequently, at 1:41 am on the 5th, an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred near the Kemadec Islands in the northeastern part of the North Island; at 3:28 am, another earthquake of magnitude 8.1 occurred in the same area.

  The earthquake on the evening of the 4th was relatively close to the North Island, and the earthquakes in Auckland and Wellington were felt strongly.

After that, local aftershocks occurred frequently.

  The New Zealand government issued a tsunami warning after the first earthquake. The first wave of tsunami reached the coast of New Zealand without causing serious damage. The tsunami warning was subsequently cancelled.

However, the third strong earthquake prompted the New Zealand government to issue a new alert and call for people to evacuate.

  The New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency stated that people in multiple areas must immediately move to the nearest high ground, leave all tsunami refuge areas, or enter as far inland as possible.

  The agency stated that it is expected to have "strong and abnormal ocean currents and unpredictable waves" and that "tsunami activity will last for several hours."

  The BBC quoted local media sources as saying that as people tried to flee, severe traffic congestion had already occurred in many cities. The Civil Defense Department advised people to walk or car to avoid being trapped in traffic during evacuation.

  It is reported that there are currently no reports of property damage or casualties caused by the earthquake.