The men's 4 x 10 km medal was considered the most probable medal of the Finnish team in the preliminary planning of the World Championships in Oberstdorf.

But so only the medal hunt continues, and Liberec’s World Cup bronze from 2009 is still the latest medal in the prestigious competition.

Anchor Joni Mäki brought Finland's message to the finish line in sixth.

- The differences are small.

Let's be on the same line as the medal.

Near but far.

The sweeter the medal will taste when it sometimes comes, Teemu Pasanen, who is mainly satisfied with the performance of his skiers, described it.

Even the outspoken medal goal was hit hard when curtains were drawn in front of the windows at the Sonnenbichl team hotel on Friday morning.

The rain and the glue of the traditional sections had turned into a really wet sleet, with which even the cannonball of Ristomatti Hakola and Iivo Niskanen would probably not be enough to punish the toughest bronze medal threateners, ie France and Sweden.

The structure of the message was completely strange, when the Russian beginner Alexei Tshervotki pulled a 45-second neck.

Hakola took the matter very calmly.

- It would have been suicidal to go and pull it alone.

At the opening, one can only communicate than to lose, Hakola, who has skied the second fastest, in a controlled and wise way, said.

The second part was Iivo Niskanen's familiar cannon.

The leadership of Russia and Ivan Yakimushkin melted like a snowball in hell, and a 12-second collaboration with Emil Iversen, who hit the stand, took the duo on a small escape journey.

Even the mighty duo of traditional skiing could not give a decisive blow to France and Sweden.

The traditional track was really heavy in the sleet.

- A pretty unfinished place to get it done, Niskanen, who changed 14 seconds before France, stated.

Perttu Hyvärinen took Finland's message in the third leg in free skiing. Photo: Emmi Korhonen

It was already cold for Finland to go with Perttu Hyvärinen's third leg, but this was a great end after a small "interim death".

In front was a ferocious man, Hans Christer Holund, who was easily followed by Hyvärinen for one lap.

Ankkuri Mäki got on the medal train on his own on a budget, but contrary to forecasts with the final part of the competition.

The man admitted to getting a “turnkey” for the medal hunt, but the hardness was not enough.

- There was no more man today.

No, this weather is yes helped when I'm with my profile a little bit the other kinds of conditions menijä.

The solution came in the third round of the main raise, where French light-footed Jules Lapierre jumped away.

The sixth place was the weakest ranking of the Finnish men since the 2015 World Championships in Falun. At that time, the ranking was 8th and Niskanen was already in the team.