The procuratorial role behind the "should be saved"

  Just after New Year's Day in 2021, Chen Mou, a victim of a real estate dispute case in Beijing, received more than 300,000 yuan in judicial assistance from the first branch of the city's procuratorate.

  For Chen who was suffering from whole body burns but couldn't afford the cost of treatment, this was a life-saving money that allowed follow-up treatment to follow.

  Chen is not an individual case of poverty due to the case.

The reporter learned that in 2020, procuratorial organs across the country handled more than 24,000 judicial assistance cases, an increase of 59.4% year-on-year; more than 30,000 people were granted judicial assistance to more than 400 million yuan, an increase of 55.1% and 60.9% year-on-year respectively.

Most of the victims in these cases are the same as Chen, living in difficulties and having nowhere to seek help.

A sum of judicial assistance is like rain in time, giving them hope of life.

  Since 2014, the implementation of the national judicial assistance system has been generally stable.

Compared with the beginning of its establishment, the judicial assistance work process of the procuratorial organs has been more perfect in judicial case handling.

  On April 19, 2018, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued the “Notice on Launching Special Activities for “Intensive Promotion of National Judicial Aid Work” in Procuratorial Organs across the country.” It clarified the four categories of poor households, military members, minors, and disabled persons. As a key relief target, establish and improve working mechanisms, take effective measures, and actively provide relief.

  In 2020, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate requires that judicial assistance be improved in quality and efficiency. Procuratorates at all levels creatively carry out their work on the premise of strictly observing procedures, and do their utmost to improve the efficiency of qualification review and issuance.

Procuratorates at all levels have further strengthened their awareness of active assistance. The judicial assistance work has transitioned from "assistance on application" to "assistance based on authority", and transitioned from "waiting to send the case" to "inquiring a case at home."

  Procuratorial organs in various regions combine judicial assistance with poverty alleviation work, actively serve the parties who have been violated but cannot obtain effective compensation, and convey procuratorial warmth with "should be rescued", and effectively resolve social conflicts through judicial assistance in order to win the battle. The fight against poverty and the decisive victory over an all-round well-off provide a strong judicial guarantee.

  "Judicial for the people is not a casual slogan. In the performance of its duties, the procuratorial organs made me feel the judicial philosophy of'people-centered' everywhere." Representative of the National People's Congress, Tianjin Public Transport Group No. 3 Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. 8-way fleet The driver Wang Yan fully affirmed the judicial assistance work.

She said that “should save everything” has allowed some families in deep difficulties to see the hope of life again, and let the people gain a sense of security that “the country will not leave everyone in need of assistance”.

  During the visit and investigation activities in the past year, Representative Wang Yan personally felt the procuratorial organs’ efforts to help the fight against poverty with judicial assistance. She believed that this highlighted the procuratorial role of the procuratorial organs in resolving grass-roots conflicts, promoting social governance, and serving the overall situation of the country.

  “Judicial assistance work has received more and more attention from the state, especially poverty-stricken households, military members, minors and the disabled as key assistance targets. It can be said that it has sent hope and warmth to the weak in trouble.” National People's Congress. Representative, Guo Hongjing, head of the hardware and miscellaneous goods management group of the storage department of Tianjin Lizhong Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the prosecution not only effectively improved the level of judicial assistance, but also effectively prevented the parties involved in the case from turning back into poverty due to the case. It can not only make the people feel fairness and justice in judicial cases, but also feel the tenderness of justice.

  "The prosecutors' active promotion of judicial assistance work is a full manifestation of the people-centered judicial philosophy." Cha Yuchun, deputy to the National People's Congress and party branch secretary of Yanjiaba Village, Yanjiang District, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, told reporters.

  As a NPC representative from the grassroots, Zha Yuchun believes that judicial assistance has played an important role in regulating social relations, repairing social contradictions, and maintaining social stability.

"The in-depth integration of judicial assistance and poverty alleviation not only conforms to the people's new expectations for the construction of a rule of law in China, but also effectively enhances the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security. It also contributes to the continuous consolidation of the results of poverty alleviation and the law. The comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization has contributed to the prosecutorial power."

  (Our newspaper, Beijing, March 5th)