Moroccan police seized nearly 7 tons of cannabis products

  Xinhua News Agency, Rabat, March 5. The Moroccan National Security Agency issued a communiqué on the 5th that the police seized nearly 7 tons of cannabis products in the northern Moroccan city of Kenitra early that morning.

  The communiqué stated that the police, with the assistance of the Moroccan Navy, seized the drugs on a fishing boat near Kenitra, and 7 people on board were arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling.

Preliminary investigation revealed that this batch of cannabis products was originally planned to be smuggled overseas by sea.

  The communiqué stated that the Moroccan judicial department is launching further investigations into the case.

  The illegal cultivation of cannabis is serious in some areas of Morocco, and most cannabis products are smuggled into Europe.

Over the past 10 years, Moroccan security agencies have stepped up efforts to crack down on cannabis cultivation and the trade of cannabis products. In 2020 alone, approximately 217 tons of cannabis products were seized.