At 9 a.m. on March 5th, the opening meeting of the Fourth Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress was held in the Great Hall of the People. Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government.

  Premier Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report on the 5th to fully implement the rural revitalization strategy to promote the stable development of agriculture and increase farmers' income.

Continue to promote the development of poverty alleviation areas, do a good job in agricultural production, and improve rural production and living conditions.

  Do a good job in consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation and effectively linking up with rural revitalization.

Establish a five-year transition period for poverty-stricken counties from the date of poverty alleviation to maintain the overall stability of the main assistance policies.

Improve the dynamic monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing the return to poverty, promote stable employment of the poverty-stricken population, increase skills training, develop and expand industries in poverty-stricken areas, provide follow-up support for relocation, stratify and classify to strengthen the normalization of rural low-income population assistance, Ensure that there is no large-scale return to poverty.

In the poverty alleviation counties in the western region, we will focus on supporting a number of key counties for rural revitalization.

Persist in and improve the cooperation and counterpart support mechanism between the east and the west, give full play to the role of central units and social forces to help, and continue to support poverty-stricken areas to enhance endogenous development capabilities.

  Improve the ability to guarantee the supply of grain and important agricultural products.

The key to ensuring food security is seeds and cultivated land.

It is necessary to strengthen the protection and utilization of germplasm resources and the selection and promotion of high-quality varieties, and carry out research on key agricultural technologies.

Raise the construction standards and quality of high-standard farmland, improve irrigation facilities, strengthen the protection of cultivated land, and resolutely curb the "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land and prevent "non-graining".

Build a national food security industry belt.

Stabilize subsidies for grain farmers, appropriately raise the minimum purchase prices for rice and wheat, and expand the scope of pilot programs for full cost and income insurance.

Stabilize the sown area of ​​grain and improve yield and quality.

Take multiple measures to expand oil production.

Develop livestock and poultry aquaculture and stabilize pig production.

Strengthen the prevention and control of animal and plant diseases.

Ensure that the market supply and prices of agricultural products are basically stable.

Carry out food saving actions.

Solving the problem of food is always the top priority. We must work hard to ensure food security for 1.4 billion people.

  We will steadily advance rural reforms and rural construction.

Consolidate and improve the basic rural management system, maintain stable and long-term land contracting relationships, steadily promote various forms of moderately large-scale operations, and accelerate the development of specialized social services.

Deepen the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, collective forest rights, forest farms in state-owned forest areas, and agricultural reclamation.

Increase the proportion of land transfer income used in agriculture and rural areas.

Strengthen the construction of basic public services and public infrastructure in rural areas, and promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas within the county.

Initiate a five-year action to improve the rural human settlement environment.

Ensure that migrant workers' wages are paid in full and on time.

Speed ​​up the development of rural industries, strengthen the county economy, and broaden the employment channels for farmers.

Do everything possible to increase the income of hundreds of millions of peasants.

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