Headlines: Health crisis, Bolsonaro asks Brazilians to stop "complaining"

President Bolsonoro during a press conference in Brasilia, March 5, 2021. AFP - EVARISTO SA

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The name of Jair Bolsonaro is this Friday on all the headlines of Brazilian dailies.

It is even a real storm of indignation which blows on the press of the country.

In question: the remarks made yesterday by the Head of State.

A Jair Bolsonaro visibly very angry with the new containment measures, decided in several states of Brazil to avoid a health disaster.


We have to face our problems.

We're not wimps.

Stop complaining.

Until when are you going to complain


What will become of Brazil if we decide to stop


 »Launched the head of state.

Jair Bolsonaro's reaction is not, however, unusual,

 " underlines

Folha de S.Paulo



Whenever the president is cornered, he makes sweeping statements to please his electoral base.

This is all the more true with the presidential election of next year approaching


But “ 

no one is fooled


 "Exclaims the columnist of

O Globo


Jair Bolsonaro was elected by 57

million Brazilians.

But the lives of his more than 200

million compatriots are completely equal to him


The president is personally responsible for these mass graves hastily dug to accommodate the coffins of Brazilians who die every day, 1 every 46 seconds


The daily

O Estado

goes even further and accuses Jair Bolsonaro and his Minister of Health, " 

both directly guilty of a genocide disguised as inertia


And the newspaper to support the governors and mayors who find themselves in the sights of the same president.


They are now the ones who have the task of preventing chaos.

The President of the Republic, from the start, has replaced concrete action with the verbiage of propaganda


Cuba: third and final phase of clinical trials of the Soberana vaccine

Cuba thus becomes the first Latin American country to launch the third phase in the development of an anti-Covid vaccine

 ", notes the

Miami Herald

which specifies in the process that " 

the Cuban government has not yet published the data previous phases


Other countries, such as Mexico and Jamaica have already expressed interest in purchasing the Cuban vaccine.

But as the

Miami Herald



Experts warn that clinical trials in Cuba must follow international protocols and their results must be shared with the scientific community


Venezuela: the new National Assembly, resulting from the disputed elections of last December, begins its legislative work

The National Assembly, where elected Chavistas are now in the majority, will use the legislative ground to consolidate the power of Nicolas Maduro

 ", warns the newspaper

El País


The daily takes as proof the first laws presented this week, 35 in all, and which aim, among other things, to " 

control social networks as well as the work of NGOs in Venezuela


What Chavismo is trying to do is to create a legal framework for censorship, repression and the hegemony of government communication

 ," declares, in the columns of the newspaper

Efecto Cocuyo

Melanio Escobar, director of an organization Venezuelan human rights advocate.

We note with concern that the intention is clearly to muzzle freedom of expression once and for all


But that's not all:

El País,

like other newspapers, is worried about “ 

proposals for laws on the organization and participation of citizens.

If this reform passes, it will be neither more nor less the first step to eventually eliminate the governors and mayors and therefore the current power structure



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