(Two Sessions Express) He Lifeng: China's economic stamina is strong, the tertiary industry is relatively difficult

  China News Agency, Beijing, March 5 (Reporter Wang Enbo) China's National Development and Reform Commission, He Lifeng, said in Beijing on the 5th when talking about the expected economic goals and tasks for this year, that from the situation in January and February this year, China's economy has maintained a steady improvement. The development momentum is very strong. At present, it is the tertiary industry that is more difficult, and there are relatively many difficulties, problems, and blocking points.

  On the same day, the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress opened. This year's government work report gave the expected target for China's economic development in 2021, among which the GDP growth target was set at more than 6%.

On March 5th, the fourth meeting of the 13th National People's Congress held the first "Ministerial Channel" interview event.

The picture shows He Lifeng, the head of the National Development and Reform Commission, was interviewed via online video.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  In this regard, He Lifeng said on the "Ministerial Passage" held after the meeting that this year's goals and tasks have been determined, and that the GDP will increase by more than 6%.

The economic situation is indeed more complicated, mainly due to more uncertain factors.

One is how the epidemic goes, and the other is how the external environment changes. The Chinese economy has deeply integrated into the global economy. This impact is objective.

  He Lifeng pointed out that, judging from the situation in January and February this year, China's economy has continued the trend since the second half of last year, especially since the fourth quarter, and maintained a steady and positive trend.

1. Export growth in February may exceed 50%, leading indicators such as PMI have remained above 50%, growth rates of electricity consumption and power generation have been maintained above 20%, and freight index growth rates such as daily railway loading have been maintained. Above 10%.

All this shows that Chinese enterprises have a strong ability to adapt to changes in the situation, the resilience of the Chinese economy is very strong, and the stamina of China's economic development is very strong.

Therefore, we have the confidence, determination, strength and confidence to achieve this year's goals and tasks.

  From the perspective of the three major industries, He Lifeng said that from the perspective of the primary industry, after many years of implementing the strategy of “reserving grain on the ground and storing grain on technology”, China’s agricultural infrastructure conditions have been greatly improved and improved. Especially serious natural disasters, this year's grain output can be achieved at more than 1.3 trillion catties, and the country's basic food rations can be self-sufficient.

  He also said that from the perspective of the secondary industry, after years of implementing supply-side structural reforms and promoting high-quality development, emerging industries are in the ascendant. Traditional manufacturing is accelerating its development towards high-end, intelligent, and green industries. China has a complete range of industries. The advantages of a complete system are becoming increasingly prominent, and the prospects are promising.

  He Lifeng emphasized that the tertiary industry is currently more difficult, and there are relatively many difficulties, problems, and blocking points, especially in hotel accommodation, passenger transport services, tourism and entertainment, and small, medium and micro enterprises will have more difficulties.

All localities and departments are working with relevant parties to vigorously help enterprises solve these problems.

"We believe that the goals and tasks for the whole year can be achieved." (End)