Guinea initiates vaccination of China-aided new crown vaccine

  Xinhua News Agency, Abidjan, March 5 (Reporter Zheng Yangzi) Conakry News: Guinea launched China's aid to the new crown vaccination work in the capital Conakry on the 5th.

  The Minister of Health of Guinea Remy Rama and the Director of the National Health Security Administration Sakoba Keita attended the launching ceremony of China's vaccination on the same day.

Keita said that the new crown vaccine produced in China has made an important contribution to its containment of the epidemic, and Guinea has full confidence in the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine.

  Rama said that the first group of people to be vaccinated were Guinean medical staff, key positions or religious practitioners, and elderly people over 65.

He said that Guinea's new crown epidemic has rebounded significantly in recent days, and the government will use various channels to obtain more new crown vaccines for the public.

  As the first Guinean medical staff to receive China's new crown vaccine, Mohamed Conte said on the same day that the Chinese vaccine will bring greater convenience to the development of medical care and bring more hope for defeating the epidemic. He called on the people of Guinea to actively vaccinate in the future New crown vaccine.

  China's aid to Guinea's new crown vaccine arrived in Conakry on the 3rd.

  As of the 5th, Guinea had a total of 16,420 confirmed new crown cases, a total of 93 deaths, and a total of 15,091 cured cases.