They offered him money to overlook the security measures

A "policeman" in Abu Dhabi rejects a "bribe" and signs those involved

Abu Dhabi Police increases community awareness about reporting corruption cases.

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Abu Dhabi Police arrested officials of a company, after they tried to bribe a policeman in the Abu Dhabi Police General Command with a sum of money, to overlook security measures among his responsibilities, but he refused, and contributed to their arrest.

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that the integrity of the policeman prevented the realization of their illegal purposes, which contributed to arresting them and referring them to the Public Prosecution to take legal measures against them.

The Abu Dhabi Police Commander-in-Chief, Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, praised the integrity of the security men in the Abu Dhabi Police, and the extent of their keenness to take security measures to deter outlaws, stressing the principles of functional integrity and the implementation of police measures with honesty and impartiality towards everyone who begged him to harm himself. The safety of society.

He added, "We will not be complacent in tackling corruption and prosecuting its perpetrators, in order to preserve public money and enhance transparency and integrity in job performance," pointing to the Abu Dhabi Police's interest in activating the job integrity system and consolidating integrity values ​​and standards of individual and institutional behavior among employees of the Abu Dhabi Police.

He stressed keenness to strengthen internal control, prevent the risks of legal abuse, raise awareness of job honesty and a sense of responsibility in the field of work and investigate trust, as it is one of the most important priorities that enhance the values ​​of job integrity.

He called on citizens and residents not to hesitate to report all corrupt practices that they may encounter via the Security Service 8002626 or text message 2828, stressing the speed of response and the efficiency of the security services in dealing with reports.

For his part, the Director of the Anti-Corruption Department, Colonel Matar Moaded Al Muhairi, praised the integrity of the security man from the Abu Dhabi Police, for his refusal to bribe the police to overlook security measures among his responsibilities, and for his refusal to raise incorrect remarks on security services provided by this company. It guaranteed his keenness, integrity, and interest in implementing the laws of the state.

He stated that Abu Dhabi Police continues its efforts to increase societal awareness about reporting corruption cases, change concepts and culture that hinder reporting such cases, spread job values, adhere to legislations and laws, implement effective work procedures, and motivate institutions to involve their affiliates in workshops and campaigns that contribute to Building an informed mind about functional integrity.

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