US President Joe Biden publishes security strategy guidelines, strengthening relations with Japan and European allies to counter China and Russia, and strengthening the strength of US troops deployed in the Indo-Pacific and European regions Was shown.

On the 3rd, President Biden released tentative guidelines for formulating a "national security strategy."

The guidelines state that they are facing global threats such as the spread of virus infection and climate change, and that "democratic nations are being challenged by authoritarian forces" and that they pose threats. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are listed as.

He places the strengthening of the alliance as a priority issue, and regards the alliance between NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization's allies and Australia, Japan, and South Korea as "the greatest strategic asset."

He added that the deployment of U.S. forces around the world would "end the war in Afghanistan and make it the right size in the Middle East," while "strengthening its presence in the Indo-Pacific and Europe." He announced a policy to strengthen the strength of the US military deployed in both European regions.

President Biden has once again clarified his stance of concentrating allies against China and Russia in terms of military and security, and will implement a concrete "national security strategy" within the year based on this guideline. I want to put it together.